With the Bachelor's degree from England university and the knowledge obtained in the program, you will have various opportunities for promotion to management positions. The career can quickly develop and open in basic internal units and at an international level.


Do not miss it! Because it will be an excellent opportunity and a shortcut for you if you want to be a manager quickly with an International Bachelor's degree. The program creates a suitable environment for students to develop their relationships in academic fields and build a foundation for manager positions.


Entrepreneurship is always a risky activity and full of challenges in the market. The business knowledge through analyzing typical cases will decrease the risk, raise the chance to succeed, and be an occasion for you to practice deciding on an optimal business.


- Direct project

- Exhibitions

- Partnership

- Visiting lecturers

Direct project

Our course series provides students with the occasion in working on direct projects with enterprises, participate in competitions, and even public projects.

For instance, students from the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Birmingham City University have worked with cricket athletes from Cricket County Warwickshire club. Our students were taught by Ashley Giles - the sports director - and Chris Armstrong - the condition coaches.

More than 40 students on the course received the opportunity from being involved in a real-life project and they can now mention working with a respected name in the sports field on their CVs.


Innovation Fest attracts employers from a variety of industries including computing, engineering, and the construction environment.

Students from last year's Innovation Fest gained traction on social media and even received interest from businesses, such as the GRASP project, a glove that acts as a computer mouse to use. helping people with disabilities was featured on Made in Birmingham TV, and has since received interest from Microsoft.


We cooperate with enterprises to let you manipulate their advice and opportunities. We have relationships with more than 1,000 schools, colleges, and educational organizations, which can provide several positions for students.

Knowledge Transfer Cooperation permits under-graduates to solve detailed business problems. There, industry experts are invited to become lecturers and guests to comment on projects.

For instance, our Digital Marketing students presented their projects with Red Bee Media - a creative company that worked with Netflix, NBC, Nissan, BBC, etc.

Visiting lecturers

We also invite visiting lecturers - who are working in their industries - to share their knowledge and experience with students. Acting students in BCU have occasions to work with Professor Kevin Finnan MBE - who is famous for Choreographer and Movement Director of the inaugural of London Paralympic Games 2012. Being a visiting lecturer, professor Finna will organize master classes for acting students who want to become an excellent generation.

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