University of Technology - Opening information 2019

On September 5, 2019, the first opening ceremony of the international joint program of Birmingham City University was solemnly held at the University of Information Technology, giving very good impressions for the new students.

At the ceremony, you heard meaningful advice from the Principal and Vice-Principal - who will accompany you throughout your student years. Hopefully, the valuable advice of teachers will be your luggage in the whole process of growing up. In addition, at the ceremony, the school also organized awards and scholarships for students with excellent achievements during their studies as well as new students who won the title of valedictorian or runner-up in the exam of National High School.

The first opening ceremony at the University of Information Technology of Birmingham City University's international joint program left a very good impression on the new students. It is hoped that the meaningful advices from the principal and vice-principal will accompany you throughout your student years and will also be valuable advice and luggage that will accompany you throughout your growth. Thank you to the teachers, brothers and sisters in the organizing committee for making the ceremony so solemn and friendly. Let's save the photos to celebrate the opening ceremony on September 5, 2019.

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